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Kexin Gas Stove Technology

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It is difficult for a cook to cook delicious food without the help of a gas stove. On the choice of gas stove, people also have higher standards. On the one hand, it requires gas stove to have greater firepower, on the other hand, it also requires gas stove to have richer cooking functions. In the ranking list of the top ten brands of gas stoves, Kexin Electric gas stoves have always been at the top of the ranking list. With its excellent product performance and the innovative spirit of meeting consumers' cooking needs in an all-round way, Kexin Electric gas stoves have won the hearts of public consumers.

Kexin Gas Stove Technology

Over the years, Kexin Electric has been deeply involved in Chinese kitchens, and has delivered high-quality services to countless families with excellent kitchen appliances generation after generation. In view of the upgrading of the current market demand for gas stove products, Kexin Electric Appliance has carried out a substantial upgrading and innovation of gas stoves by adhering to the technology and relying on the national recognized enterprise technology center, national industrial design center and national recognized laboratory platform. On this basis, Kexin Electric introduced the Kexin Fire Control Master Series Gas Stove K2-QSG001, which, with its industry-leading high quality high power and humanized femtosecond timing and other functions, has become a high score answer to consumers from Kexin Electric, meeting people's use needs and again leading the development direction of the industry.

In people's traditional concept, it seems that the fire power of gas cooker is equal to its quality, which also makes many gas cooker brands focus on improving performance while ignoring the improvement of people's cooking experience due to excellent functional design when upgrading products. With the advent of the information age, people's spare time life has also become increasingly diversified. In addition to completing housework, chatting, chasing dramas, and playing with a mobile phone can be fun. It is undoubtedly a great test of people's patience to let people put down their mobile phones to finish time-consuming cooking such as steaming, boiling and braising.

Femtosecond timing, automatic gas source cutoff, and brushing the phone will not delay cooking

Kexin Electric, which has always been among the top ten brands of gas stoves, innovatively equipped the K2-QSG001 with femtosecond timing technology. By rotating the timing button, K2-QSG001 can set the timing of 0 to 180 minutes at different times, so that people do not have to "wait" in the kitchen, brush short videos, and do housework for multiple purposes when they finish time-consuming cooking such as stewing and soup cooking. K2-QSG001 will automatically turn off the fire and cut off the gas source after that time. Worried about the accidental flameout of the soup "pouncing on the pot" during cooking, causing gas leakage? There is no need to be afraid of this. K2-QSG001 is equipped with accidental flameout protection function, which will automatically cut off the gas source in case of accidental flameout to avoid safety accidents. The double guarantee of intelligent timing+accidental flameout protection allows people to safely hand over cooking to K2-QSG001, so that they can do both.

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Performance upgrade, triple oxygen supply system can lock up the delicious food

In terms of product performance, K2-QSG001 not only has an industry-leading 5.2kW "top configuration" thermal load, but also Kexin Electric has achieved performance upgrading through in-depth research on the basic principles of gas stoves, research and innovation in structural design of burners and ignition systems, as well as material selection of core components. Through the triple oxygen supply system, Kexin K2-QSG001 can make the combination of gas and air more efficient. At the same time, the burner of K2-QSG001 is covered with high-density 3D fire outlet holes, which can form 28 fire outlet surfaces as accurate as diamond cutting, so that the heat distribution at the bottom of the pot is more uniform, so that the combustion is more complete.

In addition, the flame collecting basin designed by the pot rack can effectively prevent wind, flame and heat, and greatly reduce the heat loss at the bottom of the pot during cooking. The more scientific design makes the heat efficiency of K2-QSG001 as high as 71%, and the powerful and efficient fire power output also enables people to quickly heat the pot when cooking, which can stimulate the internal fragrance of the ingredients in a short time to achieve the chef level cooking effect of 8 seconds' crispness. In addition, the multi-dimensional hot noodles of K2-QSG001 can also form a synchronous internal and external ring fire. No matter how hot it is, or how slow it is, it can ensure that a pot is at the same temperature. In this way, people can easily get a pot of delicious food without frequently "bumping the spoon", saving energy!

Make it easy to replace and know more about Chinese kitchens

Kexin Gas Stove Technology

Many families who need to replace gas stoves are worried that the new stoves cannot match the openings in the cabinets and can not be installed. As a brand that knows more about Chinese kitchens, Kexin Electric also considers everything for people in terms of humanized design. The chassis of K2-QSG001 is of adaptive design. The adjustable size of (650 - 710) * (350 - 400) mm can also match the working size of most Chinese kitchens. The worktop of K2-QSG001 is a multiple protective tempered glass panel, which is scratch resistant and wear-resistant. The burner is a removable design, which not only makes daily cleaning simple and convenient, but also timely cleaning the burner can effectively avoid the generation of toxic and harmful gases or "backfire" during cooking due to dirt blocking the fire outlet, so as to ensure the safety and health of people in use.

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