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Kexin range hood creates smokeless kitchen

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In the Chinese style home system, the kitchen occupies the supreme position. It is the birthplace of food, the position of harmonious atmosphere, and the place of interaction and communication. However, as we all know, Chinese style kitchens also face many challenges. Under the attack of various cooking methods, such as frying, stewing and frying, the kitchens are trapped in such problems as cloudy air and noisy environment. At this time, you need a Kexin range hood with intelligent functions. As a professional kitchen and bathroom brand that knows more about the needs of life, KEXINNUO, in order to unlock the ideal kitchen and bathroom life for young people, closely adheres to the needs of young people for personalization, health, diversification and convenience, launched the Kexin Kitchen Home Love Series KX389, which brings users into a new "clean" world of intelligent smoke removal with higher face value, stronger performance and better experience, and enjoys new cooking fun.

Kexin range hood creates smokeless kitchen

Provide smart kitchen and bathroom life solutions based on user needs

All kinds of problems in the Chinese kitchen have also become the starting point for the design of kitchen and bathroom products. Kexin Kitchen Home series range hood KX389 has been focusing on user needs since its birth, and constantly provides smart kitchen and bathroom life solutions around practical problems.

As we all know, Chinese cuisine has a long history, broad and profound. In Qimin Yaoshu a thousand years ago, we could see the charm of "fried" food. "Stir frying" is the main method of Chinese cooking. At present, many other cooking methods have evolved from "Stir frying". You can see the "Stir frying" in the three meals a day on weekdays, or in the rare delicacies cooked by chefs in star hotels. The stir frying process was accompanied by a fire rising from the pot. Within a few minutes, a delicious stir frying dish was born. From the pot to the plate, it was full of fun and sense of achievement. But at the instant of stir frying, the lampblack caused by high temperature will spread rapidly to every room, making people deeply disturbed.

As a professional kitchen and bathroom brand that knows more about life needs, KEXINNUO's careful insight into life needs is also reflected in Kexin range hood KX389. Kexin range hood KX389 up to 21m ³/ The quick wind suction capacity of min can discharge the lampblack to the public flue before it overflows. It can quickly suck and discharge the lampblack, making the room say goodbye to the choking lampblack. On the basis of strong suction, Kexin range hood KX389 also has intelligent gesture control, intelligent oil change network and other functions to further improve the effect of oil filtering and smoke exhaust. Supported by the concept of "uniting global science and technology to build a smart kitchen", Kexin range hood KX389 integrates the technology of cigarette machine, integrates intelligent technology, and creates a cleaner and healthier kitchen and bathroom life.

Powering the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" with leading technology as the engine

While providing consumers with high-quality products, KEXINNUO has also continuously increased investment in product research and development and precision engineering to improve the scientific and technological content of research, development and production. KEXINNUO set up five R&D centers at the beginning of its establishment, gathered R&D talents from three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, absorbed cutting-edge scientific and technological wisdom, and committed to developing products closer to consumers' needs. In order to promote the innovation of science and technology, Kexin also continues to promote the "joint research and development" and "industry university research cooperation" models, and cooperates with domestic universities to research and develop related product projects. After 45 years of development, KEXINNUO provides kitchen and bathroom products with leading design, cutting-edge technology and reliable quality for people pursuing high-quality life.

In addition to building the "moat" of the brand with technology research and development, KEXINNUO also realized that, today, young consumers are gradually becoming the backbone of the consumer market, occupying the minds of young consumers will help the brand break through. For this reason, Kexin range hood KX389 adopts the illusion haze blue design in the appearance, the fresh and romantic color matching refreshes the user's understanding of the traditional range hood, and uses the design of "gathering oil stains, wide and low suction" in the modeling of the range hood, making the cooking environment cleaner through the design ingenuity at the details. In addition to the unique appearance design, Kexin range hood KX389 is also commendable in terms of core components. It uses a fully sealed copper wire DC motor in the "heart" of the range hood, which has the characteristics of ultra-low energy consumption, intelligent speed regulation, low-noise operation, and can bring more lasting surging power.

It can be seen from this that on the one hand, KEXINNUO insists on taking technology as the key innovation point of its products, and constantly talks to users with "fancy" diversified intelligent technology products; On the other hand, based on the deep understanding of users and the accurate capture of pain points in daily life, "caring" is embedded in every design detail, and users' preferences are truly won through experience in brand communication, thus becoming an indispensable "companion" in young people's life.

Taking customer satisfaction as the purpose to consolidate the service foundation

As a national kitchen and bathroom brand with temperature, KEXINNUO not only insists on scientific research and innovation, but also constantly practices the concept of quality service while exploring the new direction of future kitchen and bathroom life development with leading technology as the engine. In this year's "Good Home in China - 2022 Chinese Home Consumers' Word of mouth Survey" activity, KEXINNUO stood out among many kitchen and bathroom brands by virtue of its strength, and won the honor of "2022 Home Consumers' Word of mouth Brand". KEXINNUO's strong reputation is closely related to its "three permanence" service that it has always adhered to for many years. The humanistic care conveyed by this service is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, reaching the hearts of users with real feelings, making the brand take root in the hearts of users, and improving the brand's popularity.

Since 2019, KEXINNUO has braved the wind and rain and always adhered to the three permanent service commitments of "permanent free oil delivery network for range hoods, permanent free safety inspection for water heaters, and permanent free maintenance for the overall kitchen and wardrobe", so that KEXINNUO's brand image can be deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers. KEXINNUO takes the lead in the kitchen and bathroom industry with "temperature", and is always committed to fulfilling the value of "warmth" through good reputation and excellent service, so as to give consumers a more intimate and convenient after-sales experience. With 45 years of warm company, KEXINNUO optimizes life with details, creates value with services, and makes brand care within reach.

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From technical innovation to service consolidation, KEXINNUO has adhered to technical innovation, ingenuity and quality in the course of years of development, and accompanied every user with considerate service. In the future, KEXINNUO will continue to be the guardian of quality. Under the guidance of the brand concept of "innovative quality service", KEXINNUO will climb to the high-end of the industrial chain and value chain with the attitude of "intelligent manufacturing", expand the market with service advantages, create brand differentiation advantages, and become the preferred choice of more consumers.

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