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Internet + Household appliances kitchen appliances

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The development of home appliance industry has become one of the hottest topics in the field of electricity and small household appliances. In fact, the home appliance industry has been a big cake, in addition to the traditional television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and other equipment manufacturing, the real estate industry is also one of the hottest industries. With the urbanization construction, the acceleration of the construction of the housing market in the third and fourth tier cities, and the transformation of the consumption concept and structure, people's demand for home appliances is also increasing. Corresponding to such a large volume of real estate, small household appliances have also developed to a quite mature stage. As one of the fastest growing areas in the consumption of small electrical appliances in China, the small home appliance industry has made great progress in recent years and is in the stage of explosive development, becoming a huge jigsaw puzzle in the future Chinese furniture manufacturing field.


1, the trend of consumption upgrading is prominent

The income level of Chinese residents is constantly rising, and the consumption level of Chinese residents is also rising. At the same time, with the growth of economic development and personal income, the trend of consumption upgrading is prominent. Under this background, China's small household appliance industry has a great potential for development. From the perspective of specific products, consumers show two trends for small household appliances: first, the frequency of purchase is gradually increasing, and the frequency of purchase is more than 30 times; Second, the purchase amount continues to rise; Third, demand for high-end products is strong.

2, traditional manufacturing enterprises are facing challenges

The challenges faced by the traditional manufacturing industry, including the household appliances industry, in the Internet economy are mainly reflected in the following aspects: ① the traditional manufacturing industry is not fully developed in the Internet economy; ② Enterprises lack effective information technology means and management means. The industry lacks effective marketing methods and brand management system. ④ There are imperfections in the process of development. The biggest problem in the development of traditional manufacturing industry is: the traditional industry has entered the stage of transformation and upgrading; Traditional industries are also facing many difficulties: ① narrow marketing channels; ② lack of marketing ability; ③ the cost of traditional production factors is too high; (4) capital pressure; ⑤ Technological progress is slow.

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3. O2O is a new model

O2O is the specific application of Internet thinking in traditional manufacturing and traditional consumption. To be specific,O2O refers to the realization of transactions and services between offline enterprises and Internet platforms through information technology sharing. Online enterprises realize sales and services through information exchange with offline enterprises, while offline enterprises acquire consumer information through the establishment of physical stores, exhibition centers and other channels, forming a positive interactive relationship between online and offline complementary and mutually promoting. At present, offline enterprises have certain acceptance of O2O; But most consumers know and trust the offline stores. As O2O enterprises master and establish online consumption channels, online enterprises will also take the initiative to publicize offline consumers. For example, e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong have expanded e-commerce channels to a certain extent, while encouraging offline enterprises to transform through traditional channels.

4, Internet + five advantages of small home appliances

The implementation of the strategy of "Internet + household appliances kitchen and bathroom appliances" has brought great challenges to the traditional household appliances industry. Internet + household appliances kitchen and bathroom appliances can not only solve the problems faced by enterprises, but also help enterprises make their products better. First of all, the time and space limitations can be broken. Because the Internet has broken the limitations of time and space in the traditional home appliance industry, consumers can not only buy their favorite products anytime and anywhere, but also find the problems they need to solve on the Internet. Secondly, it can reduce the operation cost and management cost of enterprises. Home appliance hutch defends electric appliance platform holder kan ying Finn woman more far-sighted, contact with the ningbo YunYue create, use YunYue create technology popularization operating resources and channels to build a online, hutch defends electric appliance platform meet the market demand of home appliance, efficient communications industry development concept, to become a influential area, domestic well-known professional platform, Realize the mutual development of digital technology and industry, and jointly promote a good situation.

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