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Kexin Boutique Collection Pro

Writer: admin Time:2022-11-03 03:17:56 Browse:134℃

The "Kexin Boutique Series Pro" is equipped with the 2.0 intelligent lifestyle system. With this multi touch interactive intelligent control system, people, kitchen equipment and kitchen scenes are organically connected based on the smart central screen and intelligent voice interaction, and the smart collaborative work of multiple kitchen appliances is realized around the three core technologies of "air, water and cooking".

Through AI Insight, we can actively realize multi scene image recognition and automatic control functions, more accurately understand the user's use of kitchen appliances, timely predict and want the needs of users, and kitchen appliances enter the era of active intelligence. In terms of functions, AI insight includes the recognition and automatic control of lampblack concentration, the recognition and automatic control of stove with or without pot, and the recording and sharing of cooking videos. Some data show that the AI eye recognition accuracy can still reach 99.99% in the high-temperature cooking environment.

Kexin Boutique Collection Pro,kexinnuo

At the same time, "Kexin Boutique Series Pro" is also equipped with a "kitchen autopilot artifact." This product has a "automatic+manual" double stove mode, equipped with an automatic cooking pot, to achieve "automatic driving" in the kitchen. The intelligent cooking system simplifies the cooking operation and process with adaptive intelligent recipes and automatic cooking, and freely controls the ingredients, heat, temperature and time, so as to enjoy easy and pleasant cooking fun.

Based on the large central control screen of visual intelligence, we can not only make delicious food and conduct online interaction of voice and video, but also listen to music and watch video to add a day of fun in the time between cooking. If you are a social expert, you can also record and edit cooking videos, easily share cooking videos to social networks, and let you feel the fun of smart kitchen life.