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Improve technology, ensure quality and increase recycling profit

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Improve technology, ensure quality and increase recycling profit

The company has been committed to the development and improvement of advanced and intelligent production and manufacturing technology for a long time. The production efficiency and operating efficiency of the company are higher than the average level of the industry, so the quality of products sold by the company is more advantageous than that of peers. First of all, the production management and technical team of the company continuously improve the production equipment and production process, which makes the single line output of the company's production equipment far exceed that of its peers, making greater improvements in parts loss, unit labor and electric energy consumption; Secondly, the company's excellence in production technology and production management has made the company's yield and yield much higher than the industry average; The company has formed a stable and good cooperation relationship with customers. The stable order volume of large customers has improved the continuity of the production line and effectively reduced unit costs. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances industry has significant scale benefits. The company's scale advantages not only improve its own production efficiency and reduce the overall cost, but also increase customer stickiness, and make great contributions to the procurement cost advantage, reasonable production scheduling, high opening rate and capacity utilization rate; In addition, the company continued to improve the recycling efficiency of excipients, and the consumption of excipients was far lower than that of peers.

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