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The gas water heater has been used for 12 years, can it still be used?

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Many friends have gas water heaters in their homes. Because they have been placed or used for a long time, I don't know whether they can continue to be used. This article will talk about the knowledge related to the structure of gas water heaters.

The gas water heater has been used for 12 years, can it still be used?

The answer is "yes", but it is not recommended. Most water heaters have a long service life. The warranty period of most solar water heaters and electric water heaters is about 8 years, and they can normally be used for more than 10 years. Except that scale will appear due to the impact of water quality during use, there is no problem in terms of quality. The structure of the old gas water heater is much simpler than this type of water heater, whether it is placed for 12 years or used for 12 years, As long as there is no damage and all parts work normally, they can continue to be used, but after all, they have been placed or used for so many years. If conditions permit, it is better to replace them with a new one.

Service life of gas water heater

The service life of the equipment is different from the food shelf life

Many users always like to look at equipment from the perspective of food shelf life. Although it seems reasonable, they fall into a mistake. Any equipment has a warranty period, which is a service provided by manufacturers to provide after-sales protection and product quality assurance. Take water heaters as an example. The warranty of water heaters in the industry is generally about 8 years, which means that manufacturers have very good information about their products, It can ensure that users can continue to use it for 8 years without interruption, not that it will not be damaged within 8 years, but that after the damage, they can replace or repair it for free as long as they meet the conditions. Even if the equipment has passed the warranty period, it does not mean that the equipment can not be used. Unlike food, once it has expired, it can no longer be eaten.

Why is it not recommended to continue using the gas water heater 12 years ago?

In terms of product quality, the gas water heater 12 years ago is not necessarily inferior to the current one, but the problem is that the manufacturing process 12 years ago cannot be compared with the current one. In addition, the difference in the structure and performance of the water heater makes the new generation of gas water heater perform better in terms of power consumption. In addition, the water heater is a product 12 years ago, and there must be aging in various parts, and the manufacturer has stopped production, There will be potential safety hazards in the use process. Once damaged, it may not be possible to find the repair parts. It will be more troublesome to replace them again. It is better to directly replace a new gas water heater with a new warranty period.

Conclusion: No matter how long this kind of equipment is placed or used, as long as its parts are not damaged and its functions are normal, it can continue to be used. However, if the style and structure of the equipment are relatively old, it is not recommended to continue to use. After all, this kind of equipment is used to supply hot water. Once problems occur, it is easy to cause serious consequences.

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