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There are these kinds of range hoods

Writer: admin Time:2022-10-18 03:19:09 Browse:97℃

The TYPE OF range hood machine HAS SIDE SUCTION TYPE range hood machine, Europe TYPE range hood machine, Chinese STYLE range hood machine. Side SUCTION LAMPBLACK MACHINE IS A PRODUCT DEVELOPED IN recent years, changed the design of traditional LAMPBLACK machine AND LAMPblack way, cooking from the side will produce LAMPblack suction. European range hoods are generally designed with reference to the eating habits of European and American countries, so small displacement is small. Chinese range hood is simple and light, economical and practical, belonging to the deep smoke machine.

Range hood machine is a common home appliance in the kitchen, a lot of people will buy what type of range hood machine and headache, the following to introduce the kind of range hood machine:

1. Side suction range hood

The side suction range hood is a product developed in recent years, which has changed the design of the traditional smoke machine and the way of smoking lampblack. When cooking, the lampblack will be sucked away from the side, and the effect of removing lampblack is basically achieved. Changed the traditional smoke machine design and smoke way, cooking from the side of the lampblack suction, basically achieved the effect of removing lampblack, and the side suction lampblack machine lampblack separation plate, thoroughly solved the Chinese cooking hot fire cooking lampblack difficult to remove.


2. European range hood

European range hood is generally designed with reference to the eating habits of European and American countries. In the cooking of European and American people, the general lampblack is produced less, so the range hood with small displacement can meet the needs. Its advantage is beautiful appearance, the disadvantage is that the oil net cleaning is not convenient, easy to meet, drop oil, smoke absorption effect is poor.


3. Chinese range hood

Smoke lampblack machine is concise and lighter style, economical and practical, belong to the depth of the absorption, generally adopts high power motor, has a large collection of smoke chamber and large eddy simulation rounds, is direct and epispastic type, to the rise of lampblack together first, and then after oil net, the lampblack out, take lampblack effect is good, suitable for Fried cooked Chinese family often.


4. Lower suction range hood

The NEXT SUCTION LAMPBLACK MACHINE IS DIRECTLY PUT ON THE STOVE above, IT is said that the effect of exhaust LAMPblack is excellent, hot gas, burning exhaust gas and LAMPblack can be discharged together when cooking, this kind of LAMPblack machine cancels the traditional LAMPblack machine case, the top of the stove is spacious, especially suitable for putting on the balcony.