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How to buy a suitable range hood

Writer: admin Time:2022-10-20 03:19:38 Browse:53℃

About HOW TO CHOOSE and BUY AN APPROPRIATE LAMPBLACK MACHINE, MOST people know it ONLY, do not know 2. In addition to the well-known "suction" factor, in fact, there are several important indicators for our reference in the purchase of lampblack machine, let me explain to you:


Air pressure: Air pressure is an important indicator for choosing a range hood. It refers to the static pressure value when the exhaust air volume reaches 7m³/min. If this value is too low, it will lead to the situation of lampblack backpouring. Simply put, the wind pressure represents the ability of the range hood to discharge the lampblack into the public flue. When you choose and buy, if the floor is high, the smoke exhaust pipe is long, and the distance from the public flue is far, you need to choose the range hood with a little more air pressure.

Air volume: Air volume represents the ability of the range hood to suck the cooking fume into the fuselage. Theoretically, the larger the air volume, the better, but the larger the air volume is often accompanied by strong noise, which usually requires us to make a certain trade-off; In the purchase, not only to choose the product of large air volume, but also need to consider together with the wind pressure, complement each other, the effect of lampblack can be better.

Noise: Noise is an important technical index to measure the performance of range hood. The state stipulates that the exhaust air volume is 10m³/min~12m³/min, the noise of the smoke machine is less than 72dB(A); Exhaust air volume ≥12m³/min noise ≤73dB(A). The exhaust air volume and noise of the smoke machine are usually positively correlated. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise, and too much noise will have a negative impact on our cooking experience.


Clean: whether it is convenient to clean in the purchase of lampblack machine should also be a very important consideration. General families buy a lampblack opportunity to use 5 to 10 years, if you buy a machine is easy to be stained with oil or difficult to clean, not only will shorten the service life of the machine, but also let us pay more time, energy and money for cleaning.

Nowadays, more and more families choose open kitchen to increase the interaction between the family, in view of a variety of cooking habits and different home decoration styles of the user, most people tend to consider automatic lifting range hood in their home decoration design.